3 Common Myths About Your Home Heating System

3 Common Myths

Home heating systems work hard to keep your interior warm all winter long. There are many myths that you may think are true about your heating system. It is important to sort through the myths and find out the real truth so that you can enjoy having an efficient HVAC system that runs smoothly.

One of the most common myths out there is that you should turn your heating system up when you get home so that it will warm your home faster. Another myth is that you should leave the thermostat at the same temperature at all times to save money. There is also a myth that tells you to use space heaters in certain rooms of your home instead of your natural gas heat to save money. Keep reading to find out the truth about these myths.

Should You Turn Your Heating System Up When You First Come Home?

Myth: If you come home and feel chilly, your home will warm up faster if you turn your thermostat way up.

Fact: Your home will heat up at the same speed no matter what temperature you set your thermostat too.

Should You Leave Your Thermostat at the Same Temperature All Day?

Myth: You should leave your thermostat at the same temperature all day to save money.

Fact: You can often turn your thermostat down on your HVAC unit while you are away from home or at night when you are sleeping. By doing that, you can end up saving money on your energy bill. By lowering your thermostat ten degrees or more when you are not going to be using the heat, you can save a good bit of money on your energy bills each month.

Should You Use Space Heaters Instead of Natural Gas?

Myth: You should use space heaters in certain rooms of your home instead of using natural gas to heat up your home.

Fact: If you have natural gas, it is going to be cheaper to use it than to use space heaters to warm your home.

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