3 Noises You Should Check Out

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A furnace can be the best equipment to use when the air gets chilly during the winter season. If there are instances where you suddenly hear weird noises coming from the machine, it can not only bother but might be a cause for worry. When these strange noises occur, it is bound that your furnace is experiencing some problems and should be inspected on immediately. Worry not, these are common problems that a furnace experiences and can be looked into immediately by a professional who specializes in fixing furnaces. From then on you can bid farewell to the annoying sounds and have a normal functioning furnace inside your homes once again. Here is a list of 3 noises that can come from your furnace and the causes of why it is making those sounds.


If you suddenly get startled as to why your furnace is making rattling noises, this is can be the cause of the following:

  • Losing heated or cooled air

  • If you hear a sudden rattle or bang when turning on the furnace, it is because of a carbon monoxide problem.  A crack in the heat exchanger, which may result to carbon monoxide leaks which will be bad inside your home

  • Ducts are not the right size, the air flows through the ducts that results to the ducts hitting each other

  • If you hear a rattling sound while the furnace is on, this is the cause of the duct system’s loose connections.

To fix your furnace from making rattling noises, you can call a professional technician to seal the duct system, tighten the panels or look into your carbon monoxide leak to stop the rattling sounds in the furnace as soon as possible.

Grinding Or Squealing

Imagine the sound of two pieces of metal being rubbed together, that is what grinding or squealing sounds like. When you start to hear those kinds of noises coming from your furnace, this is the cause of problems with the blower wheel. This is due to the blower wheel being loose or broken which can result to it hitting unnecessary parts inside the furnace. If your motor bearings are beginning to fail, make sure that it will be oiled or replaced. To fix the problem with the blower wheel in the furnace, have your local technician take a look into it, make sure that the blower wheel gets inspected immediately before it causes more serious damage inside your furnace.


Similar to the popping sounds of popcorn being cooked in a stove or in the microwave, a furnace makes popping sounds due to dirty burners, when the dirt begins to build up it will eventually result to the buildup of gas which is the reason why you will eventually hear popping. Another reason for this is damaged air ducts especially if they are made of metal, this does not result to popping but banging sounds as well. Have a professional look into the air ducts and have the furnace burners cleaned as well to avoid further problems.  

Seasons of extreme temperature are always critical times to be experiencing these issues. Be sure to have these looked into so your system is prepared for when you need them fully utilized. Have an expert from TDI Air attend to these problems so you’re assured of quality work at a fair price. Call us at (616) 449-1039.