3 Ways To Increase My HVAC's Efficiency

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Using your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system entails consumption of power. That means cost on the part of the homeowner. Being naturally money conscious, a lot of us want to know how we can increase our heating and cooling efficiency so we can minimize expenses.

Fortunately there are ways to improve the productivity of our systems so that it needs less to produce the heat or cold it's expected of.

Keep Your System Clean

Your system may have been spotless when it was brand new but over time it will have garnered dust and grime. When too much of this is present, it will end up damaging your system and gradually decrease its lifespan. As a result your HVAC will find it hard to keep up with the demand of temperatures being set in the thermometer. This means it will be using more power as it tried harder and longer to reach the required temperature.

Set a cleaning routine and schedule you can maintain. It would be best that these be handled by professionals, though it is possible to do these by yourself so as long as you have the needed knowledge to do so.

Get The Right Filters

Filters are not all the same. Some are much better than others at trapping particles. The “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” (MERV) rating is in place so that those looking to purchase these can better distinguish them. The MERV rating ranges from 1 to 20, with the highest number equating to the best filter.

To know the type of filters you’ll be needing, you will have to assess where you are situated and the factors of your home. Some places may be abundant with certain particles that the lower ratings are unable to prevent from passing through. If left ignored these may find their way into components of your HVAC, and like the dust and grime stated earlier, these will do harm. This then requires you to move up the scale to cater to these aspects.

When upgrading your filters though, you have to take into account the capability of your HVAC. It has to be strong enough to drive the air through since filters that are farther up the spectrum will impede airflow better as it tries to trap particles. If your system is not suited for it, this will cause harm and escalate its wear and tear.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will work wonders when you’re looking to save on money. It’s also very convenient for your family. This type of technology allows you to set the time for when your heating and cooling should start working. If you want to arrive to a warmer home after a trip outside you won’t have to keep your furnace running the whole time. You can program it to commence its operations 30 minutes before your arrival.  

Before deciding your HVAC system needs an upgrade or have parts replaced, use these tips before spending any money. Careful use of your cash, even when you can afford that upgrade, would bring you more long-term value. For more tips like this, call TDI Air at (616) 449-1039.