4 Tips For Preventing Frozen Heat Pumps


Aside from using a heater, using a heat pump is an essential tool at home especially when the air becomes chilly during the winter season. If it gets damaged then there is a big problem. Throughout the winter season, the cold weather can cause your heat pumps to suddenly freeze. Common examples are air conditioners and refrigerators. Frozen heat pumps can lead to damaging the water at home and will result in expensive repairs. To keep yourself warm and cozy during the winter, here are four tips to use to prevent your heat pumps from freezing.

Don’t Expose Them In The Cold Weather

There are two options of installing a heat pump, inside your unit or outside your unit like that of an air conditioner. If your heat pump is exposed to the cold, there’s a high chance that it will freeze. Also, if it’s placed in cold areas of your house such as cabinets, basements or attics, there’s a possibility it will freeze as well.

Place Heat Pumps By Insulated Walls

When the air tends to get cold, the direction of heat gets lost, especially when your walls are not insulated. With insulated walls heat is more controlled inside your household. If heat pumps located by the walls suddenly freeze it is due to the fact that it lacks proper insulation. Spending a little bit of cash to insulate your walls will be a blessing to your expenses as it will prevent future costs on further damages. If heat pumps are placed by an uninsulated wall, chances are it will lead to mold buildup and water damage. Aside from walls you can also insulate your roof, floor, doors and windows to stay warmer.

Know What Doors And Windows To Keep Open Or Closed

If you happen to live in an area that is extra chilly, keep your doors and windows closed at most times. Especially if there are heat pumps or other kinds of pipes located in your garage or attic, it is best to keep it closed especially when you are not at home. Also keep your doors and windows insulated for better results. To allow warmer air to circulate around your heat pumps keep your cabinet doors open.

Keep Your Thermostat At The Same Temperature

Last but not least, this final method will help prevent your heat pumps from freezing and eventually bursting. Usually a common thing to do is change the temperature of the thermostat within the day especially when it gets colder at night. What needs to be followed is to keep the thermostat at the same temperature during the day and night. It may be a cost on your bills, but it will definitely keep your heat pumps warm. Also if no one is left at home, keep your thermostats temperature at 55F or lower.


Use these tips, and you will stay cozy in the comfort of your home during the winter season. If you happen to notice further problems with your freezing heat pumps, contact your local technician immediately. At TDI Air, we’re always happy to assist at (616) 449-1039.