4 Ways To Insulate Your Home For Spring

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We’re still facing the last few months of coldness before we can enjoy the warmth of summer. In times of a cold spell, we need our home to keep in the warmth. Only with proper insulation can it do this while maintaining the electricity bill at minimum. When a home isn’t insulated well, we sacrifice our family’s comfort, money and health.

Before sudden bouts of chill hits the weather, read through our tips and follow them so you enter summer without experiencing a sniffle in spring. Then you can greet the warmer weather in perfect health and worry-free.

Get Regular Maintenance For Your HVAC System

You can’t stay warm if the heater isn’t working well. Lessen the chances of breakdowns and other issues by having a licensed professional inspecting it now and then. It helps ensure you have clean air at home at the right temperatures.

A technician would get rid of dust, replace any parts before complete deterioration, advise you on upgrades and what doesn’t need to be replaced, and does the necessary tweaking so it runs smoothly. Maintenance would seem costly but you save more in the long run from fixes and more drastic replacements.

Have Your Heating Zones Evaluated

Not all rooms need the same amount of heat depending on which you frequent. If your heating system allows you, lower the temperature in areas not often occupied such as the laundry room. Keep your heater’s energy focused on parts like the bedrooms and kitchen so your bill doesn’t hit the roof. Also close doors to keep heat from dispersing.

All Cracks Should Be Properly Sealed

Heat can easily leave your home through the space around the edges of your doors and windows. These can be quickly sealed with specially designed item that covers these when they’re closed, trapping heat inside. Have a professional assist you in installing these around your home and checking for other gaps in your walls and ceiling.

Have Your Attic Insulated

Place two layers of unbacked insulation over the floor joists of your attic so the heat in your home doesn’t escape into your attic. Also apply these on the walls of your attic. Include any exposed pipes in your basement so the heat of the pipes don’t flow into your basement before reaching the rest of the house.

There’s are just a few of what you can do to be certain your home stays warm through the rest of the cold season and sudden drops in temperature. To be fully-equipped for these scenarios of unforeseen weather changes, consult with a technician from TDI Air. Call us at (616) 449-1039 and let them help you achieve a perfectly insulated home.