5 Benefits of Having a Humidifier for Winter

Home Humidifier

Cold dry air can make certain ailments worse. The use of heating systems tend to dry out the air in your home and office. Having a humidifier can help add that critical moisture back into your home during the cold winter months. Learn more about the benefits of keeping a humidifier in your home this winter.

Keeps Airborne Virus From Spreading

According to a study from PLOS ONE, simply raising the humidity in your home or office to 43% can reduce the amount of airborne viruses by up to 85%. Germs combine naturally with the moisture in the air. It makes them too heavy to float. This can keep viruses from spreading easily. A whole house humidifier installed by an HVAC professional can help keep viruses contained.

Humidifiers Can Prevents Snoring

Breathing dry air can draw the moisture from the tissues in the throat. At night, people who breathe through the mouth tend to get a dry throat as a result, which makes them more likely to snore as a result. Running a humidifier can help keep those tissues moisturized, lessening the chances that you will snore. Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system can keep the nights quieter for everyone.

Can Relieve Allergy Symptoms

High levels of humidity can cause the number of dust mites to increase. Newer humidifiers can be set to a lower setting to avoid this problem. For people with dust mite allergies, this can be a big relief. Also, moisture in the air can soothe the throat and nasal passages of those dealing with other allergies. Those who have allergies would benefit all winter from an HVAC humidifier.

Prevents Dry Skin

The skin of a typical adult human contains 64% water. The drier air of winter tends to dry out the skin, leaving it chapped and irritated. It can crack and peel. Running a humidifier can help keep the skin hydrated, preventing the cracking and irritation. It can also help with dried out lips and irritated eyes.

Helps the House Feel Warmer

Air that contains a sufficient amount of water can feel warmer than dry air. People tend to feel warmer when their sweat evaporates slowly. In dry air, the sweat dries rapidly. In moist air, it evaporates slower. Humidified air can make the space feel warmer, offering the opportunity to lower the thermostat a degree or two to save energy.

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