5 HVAC Tips for Halloween Safety

Small decorative house wrapped in sweater

Halloween is one of those few times of the year when adults get the chance to spend some time playing around and reliving their youth. From the candy to the costumes and decorations, we all want to feel like we did when we were young and heading out to trick or treat with our friends. The problem with being a homeowner is you have to temper your excitement for Halloween with the need to protect your HVAC system from the damage caused by our favorite aspects of the Holiday.

1. Watch out for Vents and Registers

Halloween can be a time when we cover our homes in lots of Halloween inspired decorations and novelties. We have all put Halloween decorations in our homes with fake spider webs, a great way of getting into the Halloween spirit. What we feel you should consider when you are decorating your home is where your vents and register is located. If you cover your vents or register with any form of decoration, its performance will be hindered, and it will have to work harder to heat or cool your home.

2. Be Careful with Outdoor Decorations

Decorating your outdoor trees with Halloween decorations is something many of us do as we try to make our homes look spooky for the scariest time of the year. We feel many homeowners do not consider the possibility of wind or a storm damaging your decorations and sending small parts into your outdoor unit that will cause damage and impede performance.

3. Have Some Outdoor Fun

Halloween is often a cold night with Fall already in full swing by the time the Holiday arrives. One of the problems you may find on Halloween is the stream of trick or treaters ringing your doorbell for candy. Our recommendation is to take the Halloween fun outside to enjoy the fun without impacting your heating bill.

4. Candles Can be Dangerous

We all know the dangers candles pose, but we tend to ignore them when Halloween comes around, and we want to create an eerie style. You should always keep candles away from electrical equipment and make sure hot wax does not make its way into your HVAC system and cause long-term problems.

5. Outdoor Safety-Approved Decorations

Whenever you buy new Halloween decorations to your home, we feel you should make sure you are buying safety-approved equipment into your home. Whether you are using extension cords for outdoor equipment or installing indoor accessories, this should always carry the correct safety standard certifications.

If you are decorating for Halloween, call our office and speak to our HVAC technicians about staying safe during the spookiest time of the year.