5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Shedding

Our homes are a safe zone that protects us and our pets from the harsh outdoor environment. It keeps us healthy by providing us with clean air, air conditioning, and heating. Clean air is essential for good health while depending on the outdoor conditions, air conditioning and heating allow us to be comfortable in our homes.

As pet owners, we love our pets like family, but having a pet comes with maintaining your HVAC system. Due to their physical characteristics and movements, pets affect the indoor air quality of our homes. Therefore, as pet owners, we are required to take a few extra measures regarding maintaining our HVAC systems. Here are five tips for maintaining your HVAC system when you keep a pet.

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Ensure Your Air Filters Are Clean

Unlike us humans, pets have fur, which they shed regularly. Whichever pet you keep as long as it is furry, the hair and dander get everywhere, including into your air filter. As such, pet owners should change their air filters regularly (every 30-60 days).

However, the rate at which you change your air filter depends on a couple of things, among them being the type of filter and how often you use your air conditioner. Regardless, for maintaining your HVAC system, it is prudent that every 30 days to check how clean your air filter is and replace it when needed.

Ensure Your Air Ducts Are Clean

Dander is tiny particles of skin usually shed by furred animals. They can be a problem for an allergic person and may cause coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. Prolonged exposure may lead to respiratory problems such as bronchitis.

Dander from your pet almost always finds its way into the air ducts. Once stuck there, they get recirculated through the HVAC system every time the system is used. This poses a significant health risk to you and your family, so you should keep your ducts clean.

Clean Your House Regularly

When you keep a pet, most of the surfaces are covered in fur and dander. The fur and dander pose a risk to your HVAC system. Therefore, you should clean your floors, furniture, and carpets regularly to keep them from entering your HVAC system.

Keep Your Pets Well-Groomed

As a pet owner, you need to keep your pet well-groomed and clean and fur-trimmed for better indoor air quality. When the pet is well-groomed, it sheds less fur, and less fur affects your HVAC system. Brush your pet every couple of days to remove dirt and pollen, which are some indoor air contaminants.

Secure the Outdoor Unit

Pets are ever-curious creatures that often wander off or get too close to things they are not supposed to. One HVAC component that you need to ensure is secure is your outdoor condenser unit. Ensure it is protected from pets by installing a secure fence that does not block airflow but denies access for the pets.

If you want more information and tips on maintaining your HVAC system while enjoying your pets' company, contact us today. Call us and talk to one of our experts to learn more about our services, including HVAC maintenance, replacement of HVAC components, and installation of HVAC systems.