5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

According to the federal government’s standards, the heating and cooling system in your home is responsible for at least half of your energy costs. When fall is upon us, it also brings unpredictable energy usage. Cost efficiency means preparing your HVAC effectively for the change in weather.

1. Perform an Air Filter Check

There are several major problems that result from something as simple as not cleaning air conditioning filters. That is why it is imperative that a new filter is installed prior to the very cold months on an annual basis and it will be ready. This also means keeping a schedule of when the HVAC filter should be changed throughout winter to maintain the entire system.

2. Thermostat Programming

Seasonal changes bring unpredictable temperatures as it may be cool in the early morning and like summer again by mid-afternoon. An HVAC professional can recommend the right type of smart thermostat that will solve any issues with energy consumption that may arise from a wide variety of temperature settings in a short period of days or even hours.

3. Remove Exterior Debris

If you look closely at the exterior of your HVAC system, there is usually debris that is leftover from the previous fall in the form of wet leaves and even grass, birds’ nests, and small tree limbs. This clogs the important parts on the unit including the condenser and fan cage which will choke the airflow. An HVAC professional can properly clean this using the proper tools for the job.

4. Testing The Insulation

It is difficult for homeowners to determine if the insulation they have is working to give the best energy efficiency it can. Some factors that need to be considered are the location of the HVAC system, how much exposure it receives to the sun, if there is any mechanical damage, and if the insulation is the right type for the conditions. The best way to determine all of this is to leave it up to an HVAC professional to do the testing for you.

5. Interior Fine-Tuning

It would not make sense to clean the exterior of your unit and ignore the internal unit for proper cleaning. This means removing delicate parts to everything from coils to specific bolts, screws, and tape to get to the smallest areas. If you are not comfortable with this type of DIY project, then leave this sort of intricate work to an HVAC professional.

The best way to prepare your entire system for the change in weather is to schedule maintenance with TDI Air Conditioning. Our HVAC professionals will perform a comprehensive inspection and safeguard your system for maximum efficiency no matter what season it may be.