5 Ways To Prevent Fall Allergens

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Fall is a beautiful season as plants start to change in color. From up high, you can see the beauty and art of the scenery which variously shaded orange colored leaves has painted. Many find this to be the most beautiful time. Others may just like this because it signifies the transition to winter and the Christmas period.

Though we may immerse in its allure, but we must not let our guards down regarding health and home safety. Allergens are very much present during this time, and we must avoid these from getting into our residences.

Pollen Levels

The largest contributor to allergens during autumn would be Ragweed. This is very resilient as it can grow almost in any vacant patch of land which means it may have not much of a problem in increasing its numbers, but even if this plant is not a common sight in your area, its pollens are noted to travel hundreds of miles through the wind.


To know the amount of this allergen in your location, you can go online to see it. Some websites may have data on the pollen count on where you are situated.

Dispose Fallen Leaves

Having trees around your house is great, healthy and helps with the environment. Although during fall all of its dead leaves may be a nuisance and a hassle to clean up? “Nothing will happen if I don’t keep them anyway,” some of you will say. Well aside from making your yard look untidy, given enough time an accumulated pile of these can become an ideal place for mold to grow underneath.

These fallen leaves make for good food for these fungi. When gathered together, these leaves also create an enclosure which traps warmth and moisture creating an environment susceptible to the development of mold.

If you are not aware of how these are linked to allergens, these may create mold spores which have detrimental effects on the body.

Get The Right Filters

Filters keep out unwanted particles from getting in your house. Which is why we advise you to get ones for your HVAC. Having these already installed though doesn’t automatically mean you are safe since these aren’t all created equal. These differ in performance, and it is classified thru “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Rating.” The idea is, the higher up the scale equates a better capacity in preventing particles from passing through in contrast to those ranked below it. If financially possible, it would be best that your residence is equipped with HEPA filters in every room. Though one may be okay if your budget is a little too tight, and this must be installed in the segment of your home that you frequent the most.

Clean HVAC

Always see to it that your HVAC is clean. It’s recommended to have professionals do this routinely to avoid a build-up of dust and allergens within.

Inspect For Mold

With plenty of molds outside, their spores could have traveled into your system and started to grow on its surfaces, so best have technicians inspect it to make sure there aren’t any. Have them remove it immediately if ever they spot some.

Autumn is still a time you may enjoy so as long as you stick to our tips, and find guidance and assistance from licensed experts on this matter. For more tips on how to keep a pollen-free environment at home, call TDI Air at (903) 597 8381.