8 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Periodic maintenance of your air conditioning unit and HVAC can prevent some frustrating and costly problems from arising and leaving you uncomfortable while waiting for repairs. Here are some of the eight common air conditioning problems and the solutions to fix them.

1. A Dirty Filter

When your air conditioner's filter becomes dirty, it must work harder to cool your home, even freezing the coils and leading to clogs. Your energy bills may climb, while the temperature stays the same. Furthermore, these filters protect the HVAC machinery itself from debris. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Simply replace the filter if it's a disposable one with a cardboard frame or clean and dry a plastic filter before replacing it.

2. Thermostat Issues

If your air conditioning unit appears to be working fine but your home isn't cool, take a look at the thermostat. If it has a dead battery, is dirty inside, detects temperature incorrectly because it faces the sunlight, is improperly set, or has wiring issues, it may not perform correctly. Sometimes taking off the cover and dusting is all you need to set things straight, but it may also be time to replace the thermostat.

3. Coolant Leaks

When an air conditioner springs a coolant leak, it can start acting erratically and impact other parts of the unit. An HVAC professional can verify if this is the problem and perform necessary repairs.

4. Compressor Failure

A malfunctioning compressor prevents your AC from cooling your home, and this can happen for two reasons. First, a lack of coolant, which can occur if there's a leak, causes the compressor to overheat and seize up. Secondly, too much coolant can back up and cause compressor failure. Have a professional take a look at your compressor if your AC fails to cool your home.

5. Dirty Condenser Coils

If you haven't regularly been cleaning the condenser coils on your air conditioner with a garden hose or if it comes into contact with stubborn dirt, your AC won't run as efficiently. A chemical cleaner may do the trick.

6. Clogged Drain Line

When your AC's drain line is obstructed, and the drain pan fills with water, the unit can become damaged. Because the condensation needs to go somewhere, the drain line can spring a leak and drain onto your property, causing further damage. Running a hose through the drain line can clear it, but you must be careful that it cannot back up into the machinery.

7. Burned Out Capacitor

The motors that power your AC's fan relies on capacitors to start the system and keep it running. When these capacitors burn out over time, it leads to inefficient performance. A professional can simply repair these capacitors to ensure your AC unit is working properly.

8. Worn Contactor

Similar to the capacitors, contactors, which make electrical connections with the compressor, blower motor, and fans, can wear out. Arcing or pitting can prevent the contactors from making those electrical connections that start things up.

Keep your home cool all summer long by regularly maintaining your unit. If you are having trouble with your air conditioning or some other element of your HVAC, contact the experts at TDI Air Conditioning today!