Heating and AC Information

Stay Cool
May 6th, 2022

When your air conditioning system decides to stop working in the middle of a hot summer day, it can be stressful, to say the least. While you're waiting for your air conditioning system to get repaired, there are some practical things that you can do to help keep your home and your family relatively comfortable.

Be Strategic With Your Windows and Doors

One of the best ways to help cool down your home to a manageable level is to let in the fresh air. However, it's essential to be...

Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit
April 7th, 2022

When spring comes around, it's time to give your air conditioning unit a good wash. This helps to enhance its operating efficiency and provides many other incredible benefits. If you're a new homeowner, you must understand the process of cleaning your cooling system and the many benefits that it can provide you.

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Cleaning

The most significant benefit of properly cleaning your air conditioning system is that it will ensure your system is working at peak...

Warm Home
March 17th, 2022

Staying warm is a priority in your home as long as the temps are still low enough to put a noticeable chill in the air. Even if you have a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or other heating sources you rely on to stay nice and comfy, you might be losing heat and warmth in ways you may not realize. Below, we spotlight ten effective ways to keep your home warmer for longer.

1. Keep Clutter Away from Radiators or Registers

Ensure that the radiators or registers that deliver heat to your inside...

March 4th, 2022

thermostat in the wrong location can cause your thermostat to give out faulty readings and increase your energy output. Ensuring that you find the ideal placement for your thermostat will help you save money on your utility bills each month. This also helps ensure that your HVAC system is not overworked. So, which areas in your home should you avoid when installing a thermostat?

Direct Sunlight

Your thermostat should never be placed anywhere near where sunlight can shine directly on...

Power Outage
February 17th, 2022

Losing power is not a pleasant thing to deal with at any time of the year. It can be even more disruptive in the winter when a loss of power can mean no heat. While we certainly hope you don't have any serious power outages during the winter months, it never hurts to be prepared just in case. Use the ten tips presented below as a guide should you experience a winter power disruption.

1. Make Sure Your Home Is Sufficiently Winterized

If power is out, heat can quickly be lost in your...

HVAC System
February 8th, 2022

It's time to celebrate spending those shorter winter days at home with your loved ones. Valentine's Day is such an important holiday to show your partner how much they mean to you. However, don't forget to show some love to your HVAC system.

Replace Old Air Filters

Many homeowners know that they need to change their air filters every few months. However, most don't realize that their HVAC system needs more frequent air filter changes in the winter months. You should be pulling your...