Heating and AC Information

Pet Shedding
August 27th, 2020

Our homes are a safe zone that protects us and our pets from the harsh outdoor environment. It keeps us healthy by providing us with clean air, air conditioning, and heating. Clean air is essential for good health while depending on the outdoor conditions, air conditioning and heating allow us to be comfortable in our homes.

As pet owners, we love our pets like family, but having a pet comes with maintaining your HVAC system. Due to their physical characteristics and movements, pets...

Air Purification
August 14th, 2020

An air purifier system works by drawing air in the unit, passing it through a filter, then expelling the clean air. The filter is what captures micro-particulates, including pollen, cooking fumes, dust, and bacteria.

Removing these tiny particles can improve air quality substantially. Those with allergies will experience fewer symptoms. People with chronic lung problems will find it easier to breathe. The improved air is suitable for everyone in the household.

The Reality of Air...
HVAC Myths
July 14th, 2020

Your HVAC system is an essential component of your home. Getting it serviced regularly is essential to keeping it in good condition throughout the year. Here are some common misconceptions that people have about HVAC services that we're going to debunk.

You Only Need To Call A Professional When You Have HVAC Issues

While HVAC technicians are there to assist you when there are problems with your system, that's not the only time you should be seeing them. Rather, you should be having bi...

Expecting Mothers
July 10th, 2020

When pregnant, you find yourself searching the Internet and other sources for information on; what to do and what not to do. While what to eat, drink, wear, or fitness are the main issues of concern, the air that you breathe also matters.

Studies show that the quality of ambient air has a direct impact on the health of expecting mothers and their babies. Premature births, low birth weight, and chronic health issues like diabetes in children are some of the proven problems. Therefore,...

Cool Indoors
June 18th, 2020

It’s about that time of the year when the heat of the summer season comes down on us with all its wrath. Fortunately, with an air conditioner in your home, you can maintain your home’s comfort and habitability. But before you assign your HVAC all your home’s cooling needs and send the energy bills skyrocketing, we would like to inform you about five helpful ways to keep your home cool this summer without breaking the bank.

Replace and Clean Your Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters...

HVAC Unit Maintenance
June 4th, 2020

With the summer season lurking around the corner, now is the perfect time for homeowners to prepare your HVAC systems for the long season ahead. The summer season tags along with intense humidity and heat that can compromise your home’s comfort. You wouldn’t want to persevere a weekend or night in sweat because the HVAC unit broke down. Timely and regular maintenance of HVAC units ensures that your system is well-prepared to handle the heat that comes with the summer season. It also saves...