Heating and AC Information

TDI Air Conditioning | Smart Home
May 15th, 2018

Heating and cooling systems have been around for quite some time and now dominate many households. As humans built homes to shield them off from external harmful elements, the temperature was another tricky factor to conquer. Thus the HVAC was born through the desire of people wanting to control the conditions of there home climate as they see fit. Allowing people to live comfortably inside their residences.

As technology has advanced throughout the years, this...

TDI Air Conditioning | Ducts
May 1st, 2018

A furnace can be the best equipment to use when the air gets chilly during the winter season. If there are instances where you suddenly hear weird noises coming from the machine, it can not only bother but might be a cause for worry. When these strange noises occur, it is bound that your furnace is experiencing some problems and should be inspected on immediately. Worry not, these are common problems that a furnace experiences and can be looked into immediately by a professional...

TDI Air Conditioning | HVAC
April 16th, 2018

Energy bills are an issue to every homeowner. We all seek to find ways to lower our energy bills while still being able to comfortably enjoy our homes. In the aspect of business or work, many of us crave for that lovely opportunity to work at home but then we fear the possible rising expenses on electricity.

There is actually a possibility where you can work at the comfort of your residence, while being able to fulfill the functions of your job without negatively...

TDI Air Conditioning | Home Insulation
April 2nd, 2018

We’re still facing the last few months of coldness before we can enjoy the warmth of summer. In times of a cold spell, we need our home to keep in the warmth. Only with proper insulation can it do this while maintaining the electricity bill at minimum. When a home isn’t insulated well, we sacrifice our family’s comfort, money and health.

Before sudden bouts of chill hits the weather, read through our tips and follow them so you enter summer without experiencing a...

TDI Air Conditioning | Heating
March 15th, 2018

Furnaces have become a staple component of any Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, and Cooling System (HVAC). In fact, it’s the most common choice of keeping warm and has been so since its first recorded use in 1200 BC in Rome. It was called a “hypocaust” back then though, technology was light-years away from what it is today. Slaves were tasked to keep the blaze burning.

TDI Air Conditioning | HVAC
March 1st, 2018

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, an enjoyable occasion for the whole family. The notable Irish holiday is fast approaching, as this special occasion is widely celebrated with delicious food, dancing and a whole lot of fun activities! But we are still experiencing the cold season as well. If you plan to celebrate this grand holiday at home, it is best to enjoy it without feeling chilly indoors. If your homes are insulated, here are four easy ways to help your household stay warm and cozy for...