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Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Shaking?

A shaking A/C unit could be one of many reasons, such as debris blockage, faulty fan motor, and more. Learn more about why your A/C unit is shaking.

How to Stay Cool When Your Air Conditioning Unit Breaks Down

If your air conditioning unit broke down, keep your home cooler this summer by taking these easy tips. Learn more at TDI Air Conditioning.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit

Winter has come and gone, so now it's time to focus on turning on your AC unit. But before you do so, you may want to clean it first. Learn more!

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer for Longer

Keeping your home warm during the winter can be frustrating, with warm air escaping your home. Here are ten effective ways to keep warm air for longer!


Areas Where Your Thermostat Should Not Be Placed

Location is everything for a thermostat. Discover areas to avoid when installing a new programmable thermostat for optimal heating and cooling.


10 Effective Tips to Prepare During a Winter Power Outage

Nothing's worse than having a power outage during the winter. Here are ten ways you can prepare your home in the event that this occurs.


Show Some Love to Your HVAC System This February

There are several ways you can show your HVAC system some love, such as replacing old air filters, scheduling maintenance, etc. Learn more at TDI Air!


What Particles Can Air Purifiers Remove?

Air purifiers are devices used to clean the air in your home. Learn more about the harmful particles air purifiers can remove at TDI Air Conditioning.

How to Set the Best Temperature for Your Furnace

Setting the best temperature for your furnace can make your home feel comfortable and help you save on heating bills. Learn more at TDI Air Conditioning!


How to Set Your Thermostat for a Multi-Story Home

Do you live in a multi-story home and struggle to correctly set your thermostat for each level? At TDI Air Conditioning, we've found a solution for you!



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