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How to Winterize Your HVAC System

If you live in Illinois, you know that winters in this area can be harsh. From freezing temperatures to snow, this area is known for its chilling winter months. By winterizing your HVAC unit, you can be certain that your home will stay warm and comfy throughout the season.


How Can I Lower My Electric Bill During the Winter?

During the cold months, your heaters are always running. This will provide your home with heat, but also increases your energy costs. There are ways you can decrease your energy bills during the winter.


5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

When fall is upon us, it also brings unpredictable energy usage. Cost efficiency means preparing your HVAC effectively for the change in weather.


Should You Use a Humidifier or Dehumidifier for Winter?

Humidity describes the amount of moisture in the air, and it must be properly moderated indoors to create a comfortable home environment. You may already be aware of how sticky you may feel when you are exposed to exceptionally high humidity outdoors. The effects of both high and low humidity are felt in other ways as well. A closer look at these effects reveals the need to schedule service with an HVAC professional for the installation of a humidifier or dehumidifier this winter.

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

In order to achieve maximum comfort in your home or business, the climate should be controlled. Yet for new homeowners and business owners, you may have many questions about HVAC units.


Can Air Conditioners Produce Carbon Monoxide?

Air Conditioners and Carbon Monoxide 

The majority of people prefer to stay indoors during their free time rather than outdoors. This is not a seasonal trend as it can go throughout the year. Luckily, the AC units aid in improving the quality of air in your house. But are the AC units 100% percent safe? Studies show that a malfunctioning AC system can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Since carbon monoxide is a silent killer, it is essential to install a carbon monoxide detector and have an AC technician maintain and inspect the central AC system.

5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner

Are you worried about the performance of your air conditioner this summer? If you haven’t gotten it inspected within the last 12 months, it may break down. Thankfully, there are some signs you can watch out for so that you can have your HVAC system repaired by the HVAC professional at TDI Air before it completely breaks.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Air Conditioning Unit

Purchasing a used air conditioner can be a smart investment, especially if there is an active warranty intact. Unfortunately, investing in a previously-owned unit does involve some risk that can easily be overlooked with the excitement of saving extra cash.

The Guide to Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom is an essential way to keep the room free from excess moisture, mold, and persistent odors. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly your fan does, check out the information below.

Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The main benefit of a bathroom exhaust fan is to remove moisture from the environment within the bathroom. There are a number of other benefits however such as reducing airborne contaminants, keeping the mirrors from fogging up, odor control, and the reduction of humidity. An HVAC professional can tell you more.

Why You Need an AC Tune-Up Before Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time for an AC tune-up to get your unit prepped for the warmer months. At TDI Air Conditioning, we recommend that you have your AC serviced in spring time so your unit will conquer the heat. Below are some additional reasons to tend to your AC before it's too late.


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