Can Air Conditioners Produce Carbon Monoxide?

Can Air Conditioners Produce Carbon Monoxide

Air Conditioners and Carbon Monoxide 

The majority of people prefer to stay indoors during their free time rather than outdoors. This is not a seasonal trend as it can go throughout the year. Luckily, the AC units aid in improving the quality of air in your house. But are the AC units 100% percent safe? Studies show that a malfunctioning AC system can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Since carbon monoxide is a silent killer, it is essential to install a carbon monoxide detector and have an AC technician maintain and inspect the central AC system.

Causes of carbon monoxide emission

Air conditioners don’t produce flames. Without ignition, carbon monoxide cannot be produced. However, in the presence of a gas furnace within the HVAC system, the production of carbon monoxide can’t be ruled out. Due to wear and tear of the air conditioning and heating system, the furnace could develop holes and cracks. Here, carbon monoxide from partial combustion of the fumes may escape, causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it a silent killer. Carbon monoxide poisoning manifests itself in the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath

If left untreated or unattended to, the signs in the presence of carbon monoxide will continue to progress into more hazardous illnesses, permanent brain damage, and even cause death. Other problems unrelated to carbon monoxide poisoning may also occur. For instance, low air quality from breaking down AC units could invite mold and mites in the house, causing other illnesses. Health symptoms such as dry mouth, eyes or nose, fatigue, allergies, and coughing could also spell trouble could also signal a faulty central AC unit.

What do you do to eliminate carbon monoxide poisoning occurrences?

It is important to maintain your AC unit and check for leaks, faults, and defective parts. Call our HVAC professional at TDI Air to conduct these maintenance practices for a surety that the system is properly working. Have the old and faulty units replaced with new and advanced models.

You could also install a carbon monoxide detector to keep everyone safe. The sensor will detect even the slightest carbon monoxide leak and alert you on the happenings. This puts you at a better position to react to the issue and seek remedies immediately. Be sure to inspect the functionality of the detectors and its batteries frequently to keep you on the safe side. You may also consider installing these sensors in all rooms adjacent to the HVAC system.

Invest in an AC unit that guarantees your safety and efficiency in your home. Certain brands are well known for their longevity and excellent work-ability.

If you suspect that your HVAC system is growing faulty, it’s critical to have our HVAC professional examine and repair any shortcomings. At TDI Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves in providing quality services to all our clients. Our experienced technicians will work to restore your home into favorable conditions. Call us today at (903) 597-8381 to schedule an AC repair, installation, or maintenance appointment.