Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

Homeowners insurance may or may not cover HVAC units. The insurance policies available will indicate how they can cover the HVAC units in their terms and conditions. If a covered peril damages the company, then you can get compensation. Check your policy documents, and you will know when you may claim the cover. You may not get compensated if the unit will fail to work because of old age or other reasons that have not been stipulated in the coverage. The insurance can cover the unit under dwelling coverage and personal property coverage.

Dwelling coverage

The coverage can compensate for your HVAC unit's repair if it is considered part of the home structure. There are some homes where the cooling system is inbuilt, and it is covered under the property coverage. You can claim for coverage if it is considered part of your possession when staying in a given building.

Personal property coverage

This coverage can be used to repair window-based units because they form part of your possession as you stay in the home. Generally, homeowner insurance is designed to offer coverage for fires, damage from falling objects, and explosions.

When home insurance may cover HVAC units

Damage caused by hail

Your unit may be damaged by hail, and your dwelling coverage may settle the repair cost. Window units may not be compensated under the hail damage because they are considered under the property coverage. It is good to confirm with the insurer.

Tree falls, damaging the built-in AC

Home insurance, in most cases, covers against falling debris. If a tree falls on your AC and damages it, then you may claim compensation. If the falling tree damages your window unit and your home's exterior, then the property cover can cover the costs.

When Homeowners insurance may not cover HVAC

Old age breakdown

If your HVAC is damaged due to old age, then you may not get compensation. Some units fail after some time. You may not be eligible for a replacement if the cause of the damage is old age. Be prepared to get a new unit out of your pocket. Ensure you carry out regular maintenance of your HVAC unit so that it can serve for a long time. Hiring an expert to carry out maintenance each year is necessary. Replacing filters and choosing the best place to install can make the unit last longer.

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