Five Signs Your Furnace Needs Service From Heating Repair Longview

Once you get used to the furnace in a new house, you tend to take it for granted – until something goes wrong. Even if you have a maintenance agreement for heating repair Longview, things can go wrong between visits if you have an older furnace. Here are a few ways you can tell if your furnace needs repair or replacement.

1- The Furnace Makes Unusual Noises.

If your furnace is old or simply in need of repair, you’ll hear it bang, pop, rattle or squeal. A new or well-maintained furnace should run quietly.  An older furnace may have a blower that turns on and off excessively or runs for long periods of time. This often indicates that the furnace needs to be replaced.

2- Your Utility Bills Keep Rising

If you insulate and caulk your home, use a programmable thermostat and follow other cost-cutting procedures, you gas or electric bill should go down or at least stay the same as in years past (with an allowance for rate increases). If you’re left with a bigger utility bill each month, it could be due to an old furnace. If your heating bill goes up every month and you can’t figure out why, contact TDI Air Conditioning, your trusted heating repair Longview to examine your furnace. It may need a tune-up, new part, or in a worst case scenario, need to be replaced.

3- The Air in Your House is Dry and Stale

A properly working furnace cleans and moisturizes air. If anyone in your family develops dry skin or a dry throat all of a sudden and there’s no other explanation for it, check your house for signs of dry air and dust. If plants droop despite being watered regularly and you find a lot of dust on furniture or window sills even though you have impeccable cleaning skills, a faulty furnace may be the culprit.

4- The Gas Burner Flame is Yellow, Not Blue

A yellow flame instead of a blue one in your furnace indicates possible carbon monoxide poisoning. If you see yellow flames in your furnace, call your Longview heating repair company immediately as this is a possible hazard that can cause illness or death if it continues. Other signs of carbon monoxide are rusty pipes, soot on the floor around your furnace or excessive moisture on walls or windows.

5- You’re Constantly Adjusting The Thermostat

If you keep turning up your thermostat and the house still feels chilly, or if one room is hot and others are freezing, this is a good sign that the furnace can no longer distribute heat evenly. You may need to buy a new furnace, especially if the one you have is close to 20 years old.

For quick, expert furnace troubleshooting, call TDI  heating repair Longview. We’ve served the Tyler and Longview area for over 50 years, and our trained techs are experienced in installation and repair of heating systems and air conditioners. You can trust us for first-class service and maintenance. We belong to the Trane Comfort Specialist Program, and we sell both residential and commercial Trane products. Contact us at (903) 597-8381 to request more information.

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