Four Mistakes Texas Homeowners Make With Heater Maintenance

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As the cold wind blows, we certainly don’t want to be freezing and feeling like we are in an endless winter even in the comfort of our homes. Luckily for us, gone are the days we had to scour and collect firewood to warm the hearth. However, even with the invention of heaters, we still face a few challenges in ensuring our homes are nice and cozy in the middle of snow and ice. The following are some of the mistakes homeowners unconsciously make that affect their energy bills and comfort.


Leaving The Heater On In An Empty House

Who wouldn’t want to come home to a warm house after a long cold day? Homeowners often leave the heater on when they are away thinking that the house would be warm enough by the time they get home. Contrary to this belief, it is more advisable to lower the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees to avoid straining the heating system. Better yet, have a programmable thermostat ready. This gives an option to lower the temperature while you are away and set it to raise the temperature before you get home. It more efficient and creates more savings.


Turning The Heater On Full Blast

This is a very common misconception that only leaves you with a higher energy bill to pay and probably a sauna in the house. In fact, this strains your system very quickly and wastes energy. Temperatures higher than 72 degrees increases your utility bills. One can always look for other simple yet practical things to keep warm such as putting a sweater on and a hot cup of your preferred beverage.


Closing The Curtains During Daytime

Homeowners often close their curtains to avoid making the room drafty. While this might sound a wise thing to do during winter, it is better to let the sunlight in during the day. The heat the sun provides during the day gives natural warmth to your home. This does not mean to keep your windows open. Block some of the crack in the window so the cold breeze won’t enter your home. Moreover, opening your curtains would bring out a more cheerful mood to your home.


Turning Off The Heater Completely

An opposite to the common practice of leaving the heater on, some turn off the thermostat completely when they leave the house to save energy. This may save you money, but this runs the risk of dampness in your home which may result to mold growth. Set a setback temperature on your thermostat at around 60 to 65 degrees. This does not necessarily turn the heater on, but it prevents the temperature from dropping any lower though it may take up to an hour to heat your entire home once you are home. This will also help prevent the pipes from freezing.


Forgetting Maintenance

This is one of the few chores that are often neglected that has a great impact in your home. A regular preventative check on your systems during fall may diagnose a few glitches in your home and will prepare you for the winter. A few things that maintenance can prevent are your heaters causing too much heat or not giving off enough heat. Your systems will be strained for the next few months and taking this necessary step is efficient and offers you peace of mind.


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