The Guide to Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom is an essential way to keep the room free from excess moisture, mold, and persistent odors. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly your fan does, check out the information below.

Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The main benefit of a bathroom exhaust fan is to remove moisture from the environment within the bathroom. There are a number of other benefits however such as reducing airborne contaminants, keeping the mirrors from fogging up, odor control, and the reduction of humidity. An HVAC professional can tell you more.

Noise and Ventilation Requirements

The noise level of the fan and the ventilation efficiency are two very important considerations to take into account when installing a bathroom exhaust fan into a bathroom. The noise from bathroom exhaust fans are not measured with decibels, they are measured in sones. Keep in mind that the lower the sone number, the quieter the fan will be.

Ventilation requirements are pretty much universal, and the Home Ventilating Institute recommends that the ventilation rates in bathrooms remain about 8 air changes per hour. A 7' by 10' room would be about 70 CFM's. In most bathrooms, one square foot requires 1 CFM. In order to meet the ventilation requirements, measure the room and coordinate the number of square feet to the number of CFM's and match them.

Additional Features of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

There are many different features that your average bathroom exhaust fan may boast. A combination exhaust fan with light is one of the more common types. Some bathroom exhaust fans have recessed lights that are hidden so they can't be seen and are not noticeable.

In addition to these features, there are also moisture sensors in some bathroom exhaust fans that will turn the fan on and off when the air in the atmosphere reaches a certain moisture level. This is an efficient way for many bathroom exhaust fans to operate as they only operate when there's a certain amount of moisture in the air.

HVAC Issues with Installation

In order to properly install a bathroom exhaust fan, people need to perform several operations such as removing the old exhaust fan, understanding where the air will be vented to, knowing what the electrical options are in the home, and knowing what the size of a fan is that will be used.

Bathroom exhaust fans are an excellent way to keep your bathroom sanitary and moisture free, as well as the other HVAC benefits described. When considering installing a bathroom exhaust fan, if there are difficulties or a lack of understanding on how to perform the installation, make sure to ask our HVAC professionals for their advice.