Heat Pump Service

Offering Heat Pump Service Throughout the East Texas Area 

If high energy costs are hitting your budget hard, a solution might not be the need for a completely new A/C or heating system but TDI heat pump service. A new one might be able to improve energy efficiency for your home or business

Why Do I Need One?

American Standard Heat Pump
During the humid summer months, a heat pump helps by removing heat from a building and venting it outside. During the sporadic Texas winter, these pumps bring in additional heat by pulling it from the atmosphere outside. If your pump is not working properly, you likely are not receiving peak efficiency from your system.

Opposed to burning oil or gas, heat pumps use electricity to harness the power of the refrigerant evaporation cycle. When installed to work in sync with a natural gas or propane furnace, your utility bills should see a decline that will bring a smile to your face. One of our expert technicians will help you by comparing energy efficiency ratios to find the right unit to pair with your home or business.


Is the unit in your home not operating properly? Or maybe you are seeking a cooling and heating system that has been designed to run with optimal efficiency. The dedicated team at TDI Air Conditioning has over 50 years of experience helping homeowners find the right solutions for all HVAC needs. We understand all the latest technology to deliver the best possible energy efficient solutions.


From a large company that occupies an expansive warehouse to a small business that works out a split office building. Both likely want to provide their employees and clients with a comfortable environment throughout the year, no matter what the weather may be doing outside. A new heating pump is a great way to help cooling and heating systems to maintain ideal environments and improve efficiency.


If you are in the market for a new pump, it should not be done without considering the size of your building or home, how old the home is, and so much more. A heat load calculation specific to the unique East Texas climate needs to be performed and Government regulations need to be considered as well. You can rely on TDI Air Conditioning to work fast and efficiently while placing your satisfaction above anything else when installing any new heat pump.


The stress that Texas temperatures can put on your HVAC system can present many challenges. Every part of your home’s heating and cooling systems should be serviced regularly. But we know how frustrating it can be when your home becomes uncomfortable because something breaks down. We’ll fix the issues you are experiencing to restore the proper temperature in your home as quickly as possible.


American Standard Heat Pump
Savvy building managers and homeowners should know that the best way to protect their investment is to arrange for regular service of all systems. At TDI Air Conditioning our technicians are skilled in swiftly assessing the nature of the complication with any heat pumps and will work to quickly have your home or business back to running at maximum efficiency. Because they deal both cools and heats the interior, it can be very a technical piece of equipment that you should only want the best professionals working with them.

American Standard Heat Pump
The professionals at TDI Air Conditioning know heating and air conditioning in depth and have been proudly serving business owners and homeowners throughout East Texas for over 50 years. As a locally-owned and operated business with family ties into the community, it is our goal to provide you heat pump service for every need and make sure that you receive the excellent customer service along the way. If you need a new system installed at your home or business, repairs to your heat pump, or want to schedule your heat pump service not hesitate to contact us. We make your comfort and satisfaction our business.

Call us at (903) 597-8381 or use our online form to arrange a free on-site estimate for your heat pump service!


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