Heating and air repair experts in Longview give tips to prep your heating system this winter

Luckily, living in East Texas means short and mild winters and less wear and tear on your home heating unit. Nonetheless, TDI heating and air repair experts in Longview stress that winter preparation and maintenance is still important to keep your heating system running throughout the season. Here are a few tips to prep for the chilly weather.


1. Turn your heating system on before it gets cold just to make sure everything is working and running smoothly. All too often a cold front comes through, you turn on your heating system and the next thing you know your kids are begging to go to grandma’s (and they hate grandma’s coffee breath).


2. Make sure the area around your heating unit is tidy.


3. Replace your filter monthly. It helps to buy a bunch of filters at once so you don’t have to keep running back to the store. This is especially important if someone in your family has allergies. You can also upgrade to an electrostatic filter to increase your heating system’s efficiency.


4. Clean your air ducts at the beginning of the season. Dust collects in those vents throughout the year, and making it a habit to clean your ducts at least annually will save you from an unnecessary mess. The task takes a little time, but is not difficult. Simply unscrew the vent covers and use the hose attachment on your vacuum to suck out all the dust that has accrued since the last time you cleaned it. If your vents are on the floor, also make sure they are not covered by clutter or furniture to keep them free flowing.


5. Change your thermostat settings to a lower temperature when you are sleeping or away from the home. This will help reduce general wear and tear on your unit and lower your bills.


There are a few other things that are a little more involved to check as we slide into the winter months, like the exhaust flue and the blower belts. You can check them yourself or have us come out and give everything a check and a tune up. You don’t have to wait until your home heating unit is broken to call the best heating and air repair company in Longview; prevention is key with regular service and maintenance. Call our heating and ac repair specialists in Longview to schedule a maintenance tune up and we will help keep you cozy all winter long.


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Photo Credit: ©Depositphotos.com/Brad Calkins