How Can I Lower My Electric Bill During the Winter?

Lower My Electric Bill

During the cold months, your heaters are always running. This will provide your home with heat, but also increases your energy costs. There are ways you can decrease your energy bills during the winter.

Check Your Filters

The filters in the HVAC system should be regularly changed. Having the right filters that are clean will make certain air is flowing properly throughout your home.

Upgrade Thermostat

Your home's heating needs can be customized with a programmable thermostat. This will save money on energy. It also provides you with the option of controlling your furnace from anywhere using a smartphone. This can be installed by an HVAC professional.

Seal Windows And Doors

If you believe the doors and windows in your home are responsible for a draft, it is important you replace the seals and do weather stripping. There is a way to test your windows and seals. Put a dollar bill between the window, door, and seal and then close it. If you easily remove the dollar, you need to replace the seal.

Insulated Rooms

You should avoid heating rooms and areas of your home that are not used or insulated. These are places like crawlspaces, garages or other types of uninsulated areas.

Lower Your Thermostat

You may save as much as 10 percent a year on your energy bill by lowering the temperature in your home by 10° or less. When you are away or sleeping, your home's temperature should be set at approximately 68°.

Insulate Water Heater

Covering your water heater tank is important. Put an insulating jacket on the water heater if it is located in an unheated area of your home like a garage.

Home Insulation

It is also a good idea to check your home's insulation. It’s important to make certain there is appropriate insulation is in your attic. Having proper insulation on the attic floor will keep warm air from going out of your house.

Close Garage Door

If you think leaving your garage door open during the winter won't affect the heating in your home, you are mistaken. It is important to retain warmer air on the garage's wall. A closed garage also prevents cold air from entering a home.

There are many different ways you can save on energy costs during the cold winter months. It is possible to keep your home comfortably warm by taking a few important steps. One of the first should be to have an HVAC professional do a complete check on your furnace. Contact an expert at TDI Air Conditioning on lowering your heating bills.