How To Change Your Air Filter

Noticed your air conditioning not blowing air as cool as it used to be? Maybe it’s time to call a professional. Maybe it needs to be dismantled and looked at piece by piece. Maybe you’d have to shell out a few hundred dollars. Or maybe it needs a quick and simple change in the air filter. Do it yourself and you could save yourself a few bucks.


Why change your filter?

The air filter plays a crucial role in your home’s indoor air quality. It prevents dust and other particles from entering and getting mixed into the air you breathe. Overtime, these particles build up on your filter, letting less and less air pass through. This would require your HVAC to work harder which would strain some of its parts, leading to faster damaging.

Another potential risk is when a dirty filter becomes damp due to condensation, an effect of when the evaporator coil cools the warm air. It’s the reason behind the droplets you’d find on the ducts. Your filter traps not only dust but bacteria and fungi which when in contact with condensation would result in molds. These could spread throughout your HVAC system, posing a serious health risk to you and your family.

Both situations would require professional assistance to resolve the issues. Necessary partial to complete replacement of the HVAC system would be a possibility, depending on the severity of the case. This would cause time and money, not to mention the other consequences of not having decent air quality and room temperatures that mismatch the season.

Changing it yourself would gain additional savings in the long run.  You’d reduce expenses on the labor cost you’d normally have to pay for a professional to replace it. Learning to do simple HVAC maintenance tasks would also lessen the frequency and the amount of time to service your system.


How often should you change your filter?

The lifespan of a filter would vary between one to six months but some would recommend changing it every three months. This would depend on the environment your residence is situated in like how dusty the place is, the amount of pollen in the air and such. How often you religiously clean your filter would also affect the urgency for replacement but this can only be done for washable filters. Confirm with the manufacturer if your filter is washable or needs more frequent replacement.


Steps on changing your filter

  1. Make sure your HVAC system has been switched off.

  2. Locate your filter. Checking the manual would help. You can also ask or observe your maintenance technician during the next servicing.

  3. Unclasp the filter from the frame. You’ll find the clasps on the top portion.

  4. Get the measurement of your filter to make sure you purchase a replacement of the right size.

  5. Remove the filter from the frame carefully so as not to drop any of the dust and other accumulated particles.

  6. Clean the area filter by simply wiping it with paper towel or a dry cloth.

  7. Put the filter in place. You’ll know it’s right by following the arrow directions on the side of the filter, indicating the airflow.


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