How Often You Should Get Your Heating System Serviced

Would you like some heating system maintenance tips? Do you know how often you should get your heating system serviced in order for it to last a long time?

The key to getting a heating system to last a long time at its highest potential is to get it serviced often by a good HVAC repairman. The frequency at which you need to get it serviced will vary from household to household as several factors can influence it. So we have discussed how often you should get your heating system serviced below. We have included all the necessary factors to help you find your best frequency...

Get it serviced a minimum two times

Wherever you live or whatever type of heating system or furnace you use, you need to ensure that you get your heating system serviced at least two times a year. Once at the beginning of the cold season before you begin using the heating system and once after when you stop using it. Servicing it before will ensure that it performs its best during the season and servicing it afterwards will ensure that it stays problem free in the hot season which will mean the absence of any complications when you begin using it again.

Consider the environment and the equipment

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If you have radiators that heat through boiling water, you will need to bleed them and if your heating system functions with the help of forced air equipment you will need to replace or clean the air filters. The frequency at which you must perform these steps will depend on the environment, for e.g. if you have a dusty environment or if you have pets you might need to pay attention to the filters more often as they can get clogged pretty quickly.

Your radiators and boilers might require a lot of cleaning too, especially if you live in an area with a lot of hard water.

Consider more factors

As you have seen above several factors will need to be considered for you to determine how often you should get your heating system serviced. Consider the above mentioned factors and several other relevant ones like the season and amount of use before settling down on a frequency.

What other factors can play a key role to help you decide how often you should get your heating system serviced? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: ActiveSteve and Hilde Skjoberg