How to Ensure Your Home is Properly Insulated

How to Ensure Your Home is Properly Insulated

Is a cold home always the fault of the heating system? Are you sure your home is properly insulated?

When people find that their home isn’t getting hot enough or if the heat isn’t being maintained long enough, the first thing they blame is the heating system. But it’s not always its fault. Sometimes bad heating is a result improper insulation. If heat that is entering your house just diffuses out of the walls quickly then of course it will feel cold inside. Good insulation can also help you cut down your heating bill. So to help ensure your home is properly insulated we have shared some helpful steps below...

1. Check if you already have insulation:

Bad insulation could be a result of no insulation material, old disintegrated insulation, insufficient insulation (the builders usually install the recommend amount at the time of building) or just cheap insulation. You can easily find out what type of insulation you have or don’t have by looking through a patched hole. A thermal imaging camera is a tool that can help you with this too.

Once you know what type of insulation you have, changing it becomes an easy decision. Carcinogenic asbestos and urea-formaldehyde are the insulation you must be most aware of. If you find these make sure you get rid of them.

2. Don’t just check the walls:

Instead of putting all your focus on insulating the walls observe the other places of your house like the chimney, windows, doors, ducts, electrical outlets, roof, etc. The most attention should be given to the roof.

Home Insulation

The roof should be well insulated as the heat inside rises up towards it. If the roof is porous the hot air will just diffuse out through it. So make sure you insulate it properly.

3. Use the right insulation material:

Insulation material can range from glass fibres, cotton, wool, plastic foams to several other things. There are so many choices. Take into consideration the area you live in, the temperatures you have to face and your budget before settling on an option. Also make a decision on how much you will need.

These are the steps you need to follow to ensure your home is properly insulated. Contact professionals if you think their help is necessary.

How do you ensure your home is properly insulated? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Ryan McFarland Flickr (1) and Martin Pettitt (2)