How to Cut Down Your Electricity Bill This Summer, Without Sacrificing Comfort

Does your electricity bill escalate every summer? Would you like to cut down your electricity bill this summer?

As heat gradually creeps into homes in the summer, the electricity bill goes up. It can seem hard to cut down your bill in the summer without sacrificing comfort, but today we are going to show you exactly how to do that. You will not only learn how to save on cooling, but also other steps that can help you eliminate heavy electricity consumption throughout the year...

1. Inspect your AC: 

Your AC might be consuming too much electricity in the summer as it is not up to the mark. So prepare it by cleaning it up not only from the outside, but also from the inside. If possible, get an experienced AC repairman to service it. These people know what they are doing and will be able to clean it and fix any niggles that could drain electricity. Make sure that your Air filter is replaced or cleaned, as a dirty blocked one could cause too much strain on your AC unit.

2. Invest in a good thermostat:

Buying a powerful thermostat can help you cut down your electricity bill. A smart thermostat that can reduce temperature when you’re away, maintain different levels of temperature (in different rooms) and at different times of the day can save you a lot of electricity. One such thermostat that comes with these features is Nest.

Nest can be operated even with your mobile, laptop or tablet and as time goes by it will study your habits and automatically schedule temperature changes.

3. Unplug appliances:

Do you leave your appliances, phone charger, laptop and other belongings plugged in after you finish using them?

If your answer is yes to the above question, then make it a habit to unplug them as plugged in digital instruments absorb electricity whether they are being used or not. Taking this step will help you save electricity throughout the year.

4. Make use of the outside weather:

Every single day can be extremely hot during the summer, but you might have the occasional cool night. When such a night is gifted, make the most of it by switching off your AC and opening all your windows. But ensure that you close the windows before the next day’s heat begins to seep in. Always keep your windows closed during a hot day and fix all holes and cracks to keep all the cool air in and hot air out.

You could also plant some trees. As trees not only provide shade, but also cool down the environment.

The above tips will not only help you cut down your electricity bill during the summer, but also throughout the year, so instead of just following them for one season, follow them every day.