How to Maintain Optimum Humidity Levels in Your House

Do you know how to maintain optimum humidity levels in your house?

High levels of humidity don’t just cause mould, but they can also affect your overall comfort. When it’s too humid it can turn extremely hot and sultry thereby making you sweat and feel stuffy. When humidity levels are low, it can result in your heating system having to work extremely hard as it takes more effort to heat a house with less humid hair.

You need to maintain an indoor humidity of around 45% as most people are comfortable at this level. You can learn how to maintain optimum humidity levels in your house by reading the below tips...

1. Get a hygrometer:

A hygrometer is a device used to measure humidity. So get one installed in your home so that you know what the exact humidity levels are. This will make it easy for you to increase or decrease the humidity to the optimum level.

2. Invest in a humidifier and dehumidifier:

A humidifier can help you increase the humidity and a dehumidifier can help you decrease the humidity. Invest in both of these as you can use them whenever needed.

3. Find a separate room for the dryer:

Placing your dryer in a separate room which is well ventilated can also help maintain humidity levels. This way all the humid air emitted by it won’t come into the rooms you spend most of your time in and affect your every day comfort.

4. Use an exhaust fan:

Use an exhaust fan in your bathroom to push out all the humid air that is lying in there. Humidity is one of the reasons mould is commonly seen on the walls and mirrors of bathrooms.

Install one in your kitchen to lower humidity levels too.

5. Open windows:

One simple way to reduce humidity quickly is by just opening your windows. It will help in air circulation by getting the hot humid air out and fresh air in. It can also get rid of any musty smell.

These 5 tips should help you maintain optimum humidity levels in your house. Make sure you make use of all these methods.

How do you maintain optimum humidity levels in your house? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: WCGAPS Flickr (1) and US CPSC Flickr (2)