How Your Heating System Affects Your Health

TDI Air | How Your Heating System Affects Your Health

The winter season has arrived with a bang and added furry. Have you given any thought to a healthy HVAC system? It is not surprising to see the many positive health benefits that are offered with a healthy heating unit. Every household should take the time to assess the overall health of their home and their heating system. When winter "hits," it is not uncommon to have extra germs finding their way into households. The winter season will show everyone the not-so-joyful flu outbreaks along with the dreaded common cold symptoms. Keep in mind; a healthy and maintained HVAC system can fight off many unwanted winter threats and viruses. The unhealthy system can offer many unwanted health woes too.

The Unhealthy Heating System

The unhealthy or unmaintained heating system will offer you and the other household members some health concerns. The following health issues can be prevented with quality HVAC services in place:

  • mold in the home; a maintained system will alleviate harmful mold within the household and prevent mold-related health issues
  • poor indoor air quality; poor indoor air quality will cause breathing issues when your heating unit is not maintained properly, without regular maintenance, you can expect a decline in household air quality
  • a decline in your financial health; the maintained heating system will run better on a long-term basis, and you will have fewer costly repairs thus alleviating financial stress and costly financial burdens
  • an increase in medical bills; when your heating unit is not running at peak performance, added visits to the doctor occur because of poor air quality and humidity issues. This will lead to added medical expenses and added stress

This is a sample of some negative effects from the unmaintained heating system.

Better Health on the Horizon

The healthy heating system leads to better, overall, health for the members of your household. Your heating system can affect your health in a positive way, and you can expect to see better health on your horizon. The maintained heating system has regular maintenance checks completed. Include the following health benefits:

  • reduced risk of furnace shutdown on frigid days; this will reduce tension and offer peace-of-mind as your household remains warm and cozy on frigid days
  • clear and easy breathing through the winter season; when your heating system is free from debris and has a clean filter, indoor air quality improves. Breathing is made easier without dust and dirt in the air
  • reduced risk of household fires and leaks; this will raise your health and your overall safety because checking the components will also reduce risks of carbon monoxide leaks and fires

Contact the Professionals

Your heating system does affect your health. It can have a negative impact or a positive impact on your overall health. Contact the experts at TDI Air Conditioning at 903-597-8381 for a free consultation and a heating unit tune-up.