HVAC Innovations You Need To Know

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Heating and cooling systems have been around for quite some time and now dominate many households. As humans built homes to shield them off from external harmful elements, the temperature was another tricky factor to conquer. Thus the HVAC was born through the desire of people wanting to control the conditions of there home climate as they see fit. Allowing people to live comfortably inside their residences.

As technology has advanced throughout the years, this advancement has also impacted the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sector. Paving the way for more futuristic and leisurely way of living.

Sensor Equipped Ventilation

Seeing its introduction to the market at 2015, this handy technology has ducts equipped with sensors. These track the temperature, air pressure and air quality being expelled into a home. Through this you can make sure that your HVAC system is doing its job.

These can be linked to your smartphone for easy access and control.

Movement-Sensing Air Conditioning

This AC is great in terms of saving money as it only operates when movement is sensed in a room. This allows for some rooms to receive the benefits of an air conditioner provided a person is present. The system ignores stays off in unoccupied areas in the home making sure that it is only using energy that it needs.

Indeed, this is a friend of those who are thrifty and money-wise.

Smart Home

Cellular devices are not the only things that could be “smart.” Homes can now be “smart” to as they can be connected and linked into your phones. You can now check on your house’s temperature in each of its rooms, and be able to configure it as you please. It also allows records the electricity being used by your residence, and not just by your HVAC but also by your appliances. Control is also extended to a home’s lighting, security and surveillance systems.

If that is not enough,there’s new technology of this nature where energy is cut off from appliances that are shut down but still consume power.  Take note that a huge chunk of utility costs come from these gadgets that we have at home that are turned off.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

This combines electric and gas furnace. This duo allows a decrease in cost in contrast to conventional heaters. When the temperature is low, heat is acquired from gas and when it starts to rise above 35 degrees the electric heat pump kicks in.

If you are curious or want to get one of these HVAC innovations, then contact your technician right away. Make sure the company you are working with is well-established and well-respected in the industry.

Most likely they will be up to date on the newest heating and cooling system breakthroughs out their and could very well give you advice and recommendations based on your home’s corresponding needs. Call TDI Air at (903) 597-8381 for all your HVAC needs.