The Importance of Customer Service

As a customer, you don't likely expect your HVAC company to promise you the world. You just want solid service at reasonable prices with friendly, skilled professionals. That happens to be our philosophy here at TDI Air, but we wanted to delve deeper into what makes customer service so important and what needs to be done to keep it going. Let's talk about the importance of customer service not just in the HVAC industry but all industries.
Being consistent is key. Providing excellent customer service not just for one day or one week, but every single day is what sets a great company apart from a so-so one. Customers like you want answers to their questions right away, from someone who is knowledgeable and won't pass the buck -- particularly when you have spent hundreds of dollars on products and services in the past. A customer service representative should be readily available to meet your needs.
Quality and level of customer service is often the deciding factor in what tips the scales between one similar company and another. When all other things are equal, from products to prices, companies need another way to stand out from the rest. Offering emergency services, being attentive and helpful when on a job, or just answering the phone in a friendly manner can make all the difference.
Being ready and able to deliver is key. A reputable HVAC company with good customer services is always at the ready to come out and repair a heater in the middle of winter or install an AC unit at the height of summer. Even just answering a question on the phone for a customer without having to ask three different people puts customers at ease. Passing problems to several other people before coming up with a solution only serves to frustrate customers so they wonder why they even asked in the first place. From FAQs to helpful phone service, being available is a key component of any solid customer service strategy.
When you trust a company to provide the service they say they will, you ensure a long-lasting business relationship that benefits both parties. We know how valuable that trust is and that we can lose it with one bad experience. We build that trust not just with follow-through in services, but also with rewards that show you how much we appreciate your business, such as discounts, thank you emails and specials offers.
Repeat Business
Companies who fulfill their promises to their customers are more likely to get repeat business. It costs more for a company to initially get a customer than to keep that customer, thanks to the high costs of ads and sales calls, so retaining customers adds value to the bottom line over time. When you have a great customer service experience with a company, what do you do? You tell your family and friends. However, you may tell two to three people about a good experience, but research shows people who have bad customer service experiences tell between nine and 20 people, according to the Houston Chronicle.
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