Let Air Conditioning and Heating Installation Tyler, TX Get You Ready For Spring

Looks like Punxsutawney Phil might just have it right this year, winter seems to be hanging around and that means more cold weather coming our way. Businesses that have the know how in heating installation Tyler, TX are keeping busy for sure. Between installations, service calls, maintenance and sales, heating professionals have their plates full, Besides the winter challenges there is always the warm weather approaching with spring just around the corner, making good heating and air units in great demand.

The ups and down of winter are sure to take a toll on some heating and air systems. Constantly having to increase and reduce temperatures in order to maintain comfort, is hard work for any unit. The change from winter to spring does not leave much time for units to be idle. It is important that heating and air systems are tuned up and ready to take on the soaring Texas heat of summer. It is wise to have good maintenance to keep a unit running up to par. In order to do this it is important to call in the professionals who are trained in air conditioning and heating installation Tyler.

Most warranties do not cover continual maintenance which is vital to keeping heating and air conditioning systems in top notch shape and running efficiently and effectively. Good maintenance also extends the life of a unit and helps lower your monthly heating and cooling cost. Prevention, in many cases, is the key to keeping future problems at a minimal. No one wants to be faced with costly repairs simply due to neglect.

Here are some ideas of what is included in a typical maintenance visit. Giving the whole system a check up is highly recommended.

  • Check the thermostats. You want to be comfortable and you want to save energy even when you are away.

  • Make sure that all electrical connections are tight. Voltage and current should be checked on motors. Faulty electrical connections can lead to huge safety issues.

  • All moving parts need to be lubricated. Insufficient amounts of lubrication can cause friction, which contributes to excessive amounts of electricity use...leading to higher utility bills.

  • Be sure to have the condensate drain inspected. Poor drainage produces water buildup and damage.

  • Check system controls. Does the unit start and stop properly?

  • Clean coils, check refrigerant levels, and clean and adjust the blower components.

Peak performance is a major result of good maintenance. Scheduling with your contractor a preseason check up in the spring and fall is a good rule to follow. TDI knows all about air conditioning and heating installation, Tyler, TX and are experts with over 50 years of experience. Give them a call and let their trained staff help design the best maintenance schedule tailored just for you.

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