Longview Air Conditioning: Air Conditioning Mistakes That Cost You Money

Every homeowner in Texas knows how important a good air conditioner is in the blazing heat of summer.  Soaring temperatures test our Longview air conditioning units and make them work hard to keep us cool.  When your energy bills start to go up during these hot months, make sure that you are helping and not hindering your air conditioner’s maximum efficiency by avoiding these common mistakes.  They can cost you money and cause the temperature in your home to go up:

- Buying the wrong size air conditioner. Many times, homeowners end up with the wrong size air conditioner, usually as a result of bad advice from salesmen or friends and relatives. An oversized air conditioner turns on and off too often, which can cause wear and tear on the machinery.  It can also cause excess humidity and mold build-up in your ductwork because the unit won’t run long enough to remove the moisture in the air.  Both of these will cost you money in parts, repairs and high utility bills.  Because every home is unique, only a trained Longview air conditioning professional can accurately calculate what size AC unit you need.

- Running your air conditioner at a low temperature when you’re not at home.  While you shouldn’t turn your air conditioner completely off when you’re away from home for short periods, you also should not set the thermostat as low as you would if you were at home.  Buying a programmable thermostat will let you turn the temperature up in the morning and turn it back down right before you come home.  Over-cooling an empty home will cost you more money in higher electric bills.

- Blocking vents, air returns and the outside unit.  For your system to work at peak efficiency, air must circulate.  When you block your vents and air returns inside your home with furniture or block the outside compressor with shrubbery or yard debris, you are causing your AC to struggle to run efficiently.  When it struggles, it runs more than it should and that costs money.

- Bypassing yearly maintenance.  Having a trained technician inspect your inside and outside air conditioner units before you start using them in the spring or summer is critical to keeping your AC costs low.  The inspection can include checking the refrigerant level, checking air flow, lubricating and inspecting moving parts and inspecting the wiring and electrical connections.

- Not upgrading your unit.  Even the best air conditioners have a maximum lifespan of about 10 years.  Even if your unit keeps your house cool enough, you should consider making a change to a newer model.  Older units never run at the level of efficiency they had when they were new and as they age, they cost us money in higher energy bills.  Every year, air conditioners are built to be more and more energy efficient, which translates into less money out of our pockets every month in lower electric bills.

To find out all the other ways you could be keeping your Longview air conditioning unit from running as efficiently as possible, call TDI Air Conditioning at 903-597-8381 today.  Our air conditioning experts can not only give you advice on maintaining and running your current unit, we can help you choose a new unit that will keep your energy bills low.

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