Is My Home Properly Insulated For East Texas Weather

“It’s [almost] the most wonderful time of the year,” as the song says. The jingle of bells, the mistletoes kisses you’re probably looking forward to, and the smell of hot chocolate with those marshmallows… It’s also the coldest. But the cold temperatures are what gives the winter season it’s character. Love the snow and the warmth it invites by making sure you’re prepared to face it from indoors.

The first steps to preparation is knowledge and awareness. Grab a mug of hot cocoa and read this list of telltale signs that you need to amp up your winter preparation.

Your energy bills are increasing faster than they should.

We know prices are expected to gradually rise through time, but take a closer look at your utilities bill. See if the incline in its growth is a bit too steep by comparing your more recent bills to last year’s. This speedy increase might be due to poor insulation in your home, which caused you to overwork your HVAC system.

Temperature across the home varies.

Some rooms might not need the same temperature levels as others, but when there’s a difference in comfortability, it means you should take a look at your insulation. The purpose of insulation is to keep your home’s temperature balanced so the opposite is a strong indicator of a lack or an issue.

Worst-Case Scenario 1: Ice Dams

You don’t want to wait for your insulation problems to reach this level. It’s costly in the damage it would inflict on your home and would greatly affect the structure’s temperature levels. Ice dams are formed when heat escapes through your roof because of poor insulation. The heat then melts the snow on the roof and the water flows into the gutters. Once hit with cold air, the water begins to freeze, damaging both the rood and your gutters. Before you try to remove it, contact an HVAC professional to insulate your home properly.

Worst-Case Scenario 2: Frozen Pipes

This is another situation where ice brings serious destruction to parts of a residence. Pipes freeze when exposed to water during the cold season and there’s insufficient heat to keep it in its liquid state. When water turns to ice, it expands, creating pressure against the material which can damage, even break, metal. Replacing these pipes would be a huge expense and would also indicate an imbalance in temperature harmful to the health of the household.

East Texas weather can be particularly harsh around this time of the year. Insulation is your only shield against the winter chill so be certain you have enough to keep yourself comfortable and healthy. Read up on other possible indications of poor insulation and look into anything you feel might be hints of this hidden problem. But to an untrained eye, many of these might not be clear enough to you, despite having read a thorough description of it. Get a professional to look over the house for a proper assessment. Contact TDI Air at (903) 597-8381.