Should I Turn Off My A/C Unit During Winter?

Should I Turn Off My A/C Unit During Winter?

You have to remember to turn off your air conditioning unit when winter finally comes. By turning off the unit, it will help you save a lot of money on energy bills. You can also take advantage of this time to maintain your AC unit. There are a few things you can do alone when shutting the unit down. But if you need help, you can always reach out to an expert at TDI Air Conditioning.

Take Care Of Any Leftover Repairs

Before anything else, you have to ensure all the repairs are done. If you leave any repairs lingering throughout winter, they may lead to damages when you start up the unit during Spring. If you don't want problems the next time you turn it on again, you must care for all the malfunctions. Schedule an inspection to identify all the possible issues. We can help you make all the necessary repairs before you finally turn off the unit for the season. You also need some installations if there are parts that need to be replaced. The air filters usually need to be replaced if the unit has been working for a long time.

Turn Off The AC

To avoid having the air conditioner turn on accidentally, you have to switch it off completely. Find the breaker switch outside the unit in the breaker box. It's usually located near the condenser unit and under the flip-up lid. After turning off the power, you can proceed to other things.

Clean The Air Conditioning Unit

You can use a garden hose to get rid of any build-up debris and dirt from the outside condenser. This will prevent grass, leaves, and other dirt from making their way into the air conditioner unit during winter. You should clean on a warm day because it has to be dry before you cover it. If you clean when it's freezing outside, the outside condenser will not dry completely; this will prevent you from covering it. You can also take the time to look for any cracks or damages. If there is something suspicious, you should call a technician.

Cover The Unit

Finally, you must cover the unit with a well-fitted cover to keep it from the harsh winter climate. Water and snow can cause irrevocable damages, especially since the unit will be out of work all season. You can buy a cover that is specially designed for the job. However, a waterproof tarp can also do the job perfectly well as long as it can cover the whole unit.

Call Us Today

Before shutting the unit off, contact us at TDI Air Conditioning for repairs, installation, and preventative maintenance. If you want a free on-site estimate, you can use our online form. Don't let your unit sit for a long time before cleaning it and completing all the repairs.