Should You Run a Room Air Purifier or Ceiling Fan to Improve IAQ?

Should You Run a Room Air Purifier or Ceiling Fan to Improve IAQ?

When you're suffering from allergies, you've probably got poor indoor air quality (IAQ) at home. To improve your IAQ, it's best to run an indoor air purifier. These are built to remove allergens from your home's air. That way, allergies won't bother you. Yet, many people wonder whether they can still use their fans as an alternative. For the best results, you should not use a fan simultaneously as your air purifier.

What's the Difference Between an Air Purifier and a Fan?

First, it would help if you understood the difference between these two devices. Most homes have at least a few fans in them. Typically, these will be hung from the ceiling. Their primary purpose is to improve air circulation. But, they don't do anything about the air's quality.

Air purifiers use different technologies to separate clean air from other harmful impurities. Most of the time, they'll use an ionization process to remove allergens. As a result, they help to enhance indoor air quality.

Why Should You Run Them Separately

Running your fan at the same time as your air purifier is not a good idea. The improved circulation from your fan can actually worsen IAQ and the performance of the air purifier. Sometimes, you can have an air purifier that's also got a fan built-in. In that case, you can run the air purifier's fan without any worries. Otherwise, to get the best IAQ, run the air purifier by itself.

Can You Run Them at the Same Time?

There's nothing wrong with running your fan and air purifier at the same time. You just won't get the best results from the air purifier if you do that. For people who are concerned about their IAQ, run the air purifier without turning on the fan. That way, the only air circulation is the circulation created by the air purifier.

Air purification is a delicate process, and having the fan on disrupts it. Anyone who wants the best IAQ should only have one of these devices on at a time.

When you're more concerned about air circulation, then you should turn on the fan. You can still run the purifier simultaneously, but it won't have as much of an impact on your IAQ.

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