Simple Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Furnace

There are varied kinds of heating systems which can keep your home or business warm during the freezing months of winter. Central heating furnaces are very common and are used popularly in many households across Texas. Other heating systems are boilers, gas filled space heaters, and heat pumps. But more than likely you are relying on a furnace.

The centralized furnace works by passing heated air through ducts that run throughout the structure and blowing the warm air into different rooms via vents or air registers. For this reason, a furnace heating system is also known as a ducted warm air distributed system. 

The primary components of a ducted furnace system are:
● The heater
● Insulated ducts which carry air to and from the heater
● Vents 
● Thermostat

Install A New Thermostat

When a new heating system is installed in the house, the thermostat is installed in an area that is easily accessible. The thermostat of course allows you to know the temperature of the living area and the interior of the house so that you can send a signal to the furnace heater to switch on or off, or regulate, the heat to control temperature accordingly. 

If your furnace heating system has not been working efficiently, you need to check whether the thermostat is working in optimal conditions. Most often, to improve the efficiency of the heating system, an old or inefficient thermostat needs to be replaced with a thermostat that will be more accurate.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Leakage in the air ducts affects the flow of warm and cool air from the heater to vents throughout the building. If air is escaping while traveling to the heater, less gas gets heated up, the force with which the gas moves through the ducts diminishes and as a result, the warm air reaching the vents is insufficient for proper heating of the interiors of the house. Then your heating unit (furnace) has to work harder than it should to heat the interior.

So it can be beneficial to make sure there are not any tears or leaks along the ducts and pathways that the air will pass through. Without knowing it, your heating and air conditioning system could be operating inefficiently because of something that can be quickly sealed.

Change The Filter

The air filter accumulates all the dust, lint, and foreign particles so that only clean air moves to and from the heater and the vents. It is recommended that you change the air filter every 2-3 months or at similar short intervals to ensure smooth flow of air through the ducts.

Have Yearly Maintenance Done

To have a heating system and furnace that is working efficiently throughout the winter months, it is important to have it serviced annually. If the furnace at your house is extensively used then air filters may have to be cleaned or replaced and parts do eventually wear down; professionals with extensive knowledge of HVAC systems can check the various other components of the heating system and have them optimized for efficient heating during the coldest months.

A gas ducted furnace heating system is designed to keep your home warm even in the coldest months by heating up the natural air in your house. It is a very popular system of heating as it is quite economical and highly efficient. However for electronic devices carrying out heavy functions, upkeep and maintenance is necessary for durability and optimized functioning.

If you have not had your heating system serviced this year or think your’s is operating inefficiently, TDI Air can help your furnace or other HVAC units operate more efficiently. Contact us today at 903-597-8381 to learn more about the energy efficient products we sell, to schedule to have your system serviced immediately, or seek solutions for you heating and air conditioning needs in East Texas!