Summer Air Conditioning Safety

Summer Air Conditioning Safety

Safety for Summer

We are in the whisk of the hot summer months, and this means that our air conditioners functioning will be pushed to the limit. During the heat waves, there are a lot of air conditioner repairs by customers. This is agitated with the rise of the temperatures which constrain the air conditioning units which have not been appropriately serviced and maintained. Consequently, this has formed the hotbed for fire hazards in most residential homes.

The air conditioners have a rising death toll caused not only by the fires but also injuries related to back injuries, electrocution, sprains, and abrasions from individual working on the air conditioners.

What Causes Air Conditioning Fires?

A faulty air conditioning system places your home and family at a higher risk of fire occurrence. A significant cause for the air conditioning fires experienced in most homes is due to short circuit during the wiring. This causes the system to overheat and consequently ignite a fire. Another rampant cause for the fires is the frequent power fluctuations and surges concerning the amount of voltage that air conditioning systems received causing the unit to overheat.

Air Conditioning Safety Tips

  • Hiring an air conditioning professional technician to aid installing and servicing any heating, ventilation or air conditioning system.
  • Ensure that your HVAC system has been tested and approved by an independent and nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • Ensure that all your supply and return vents are always unblocked. Countercheck behind the drapes and furniture.
  • Teach your children to stay away from the indoor and outdoor air conditioning systems. Even though the systems are covered, it can be lethal and damaging when anything is stuck through the grills.
  • Never store anything close to the HVAC system. There should always be a minimum of 3-foot clearance from the system.
  • Change your HVAC air filter to ensure it is clean and to reduce the strain placed on the unit.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate and safe power supply to the air conditioning unit
  • Ensure that your window unit remains properly anchored to your window so that in case of a fire, the seal between the opening and bracket will prevent the fire flames from entering the house.
  • Ensure that a professional inspect the air conditioning unit at least once a year or consequently in autumn or spring.
  • Ensure that the space around the system is clear of any material that is either flammable or combustible.
  • Apart from visual safety inspections, you should also ensure that all the work is performed by an HVAC professional.

In case you require air condition repair, feel free to contact our air conditioning services at TDI Air Conditioning by calling (903) 597-8381 or using our online form to schedule an appointment. Apart from the HVAC professional AC repair services, we offer air conditioning maintenance programs and preventive maintenance for your heating and cooling needs.