Top 5 Most Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

A commodity that few people can live without is an HVAC unit. This unit provides heating for those chilly winter temperatures and air conditioning for the sweltering heat of the summer. In order to achieve maximum comfort in your home or business, the climate should be controlled. Yet for new homeowners and business owners, you may have many questions about HVAC units.

1. How Long Do Heating And Air Conditioning Units Last?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions that you may have is how long the unit can last after it has been installed. The answer varies. For a unit that was installed by an HVAC professional, it can last for several years. The idealistic range is 15 to 25 years. However, that is with regular maintenance, clean-up, and tune-ups involved in the process. How often you use the unit will also play a factor. Those who use their units a lot will likely notice that their longevity will decrease.

2. Can My HVAC Unit Produce Carbon Monoxide?

A well-functioning HVAC system does not emit carbon monoxide. However, if the air conditioning should break, it is possible for carbon monoxide to be released into the home. It's always a good idea to have a carbon monoxide alert system in the home just in case. However, in order for carbon monoxide to become lethal, there needs to be a heavy dosage of it in an enclosed room. This is why carbon monoxide poisoning in the winter is more common than in the summer.

3. When Should I Schedule An HVAC Maintenance?

Even if you've just had the unit installed, it's a good idea to have a professional perform tune-ups once a year. Even if the unit seems to be working properly, because it's typically used a lot, the parts can wear out quickly. An HVAC professional can replace those parts and keep the system operating smoothly. Air conditioners, for example, can usually last for around 10 years when not properly maintained.

4. How Often Should An HVAC Unit Be Cleaned?

Similar to tune-ups, the more that you clean the unit, the better it is going to work. You should try to have your unit cleaned at least once a year if not twice a year during the fall and spring. This ensures that the dirt, dust, oil, and grime are all removed for better airflow.

5. Should I Turn The AC Off When I Leave The Home?

No. To ensure better energy usage, you should keep the temperature at the same degree whether you're at home or not.

Owning an HVAC unit can be easy. It just takes proper care and maintenance to keep your unit running for many years to come. Contact TDI Air Conditioning today for more information about heating and cooling systems. Call now at (903) 597-8381.