Types of Boilers for Homes

Types of Boilers for Homes

As the wintertime rolls back around, you may be concerned with the thought of your home's heating. If it's time to invest in a new type of heating system, you may have been doing some research on boiler systems. These are great options for keeping energy costs low and ensuring that your home stays nice and toasty throughout all the cold winter months.

How Do Boiler Systems Work?

All types of boilers use hot water as their primary source of heat. This water is heated via a fossil fuel of the homeowner's choice. The most common fuel sources are gas, oil, and electricity. How the hot water is heated and how it gets distributed throughout a home is up to the type of boiler system that is installed. Both use a series of pipes and radiators to heat a home.

Hot Water Boiler Systems

The first type of boiler system that we're going to go over is the hot water boiler system. In this heating system, water is heated inside the boiler tank. It's then transported through the piping and radiators to transfer the heat throughout the house. As the water cools down, it returns to the boiler unit and gets reheated. This is an ongoing process.

Steam Boiler Systems

Steam boiler systems work very similarly to hot water boiler systems. However, the main difference is that the water inside of the boiler is heated until it turns into steam. Think of this process like a kettle on the stove. In steam boiler systems, the steam is transported throughout the piping and radiators in a home. Each radiator has a pressure valve that releases any excessive pressure, so the system remains safe.

A Comparison Of The Two Heating Systems

During the heating process, the steam boiler uses more energy than the hot water boiler. This can be easily expected as it turns water into hot steam instead of just heating up the water. However, when it comes to transferring that heat throughout the home, steam systems are more energy-efficient than hot water systems.

For this reason, steam boiler systems tend to be more popular for people who live in frigid environments and those with poorly insulated homes. It's also a favorite type of heating system for industrial and commercial buildings. However, new pump technology has allowed hot water heating systems to circulate the water throughout a home better and are somewhat comparable to traditional steam boiler systems.

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