What Are the Differences Between Each MERV Ratings?

MERV Rating

Our HVAC professionals know the importance of using a good air filter. Before you purchase an air filter, you need to understand the MERV rating system. The numbers describe the quality of the air filter. The ratings are divided into separate categories. You may need a MERV 1 filter if you have moderate allergies. A MERV 16 filter is ideal for severe respiratory issues. If you do not have any health issues, you may not need an expensive filter. The most expensive filters can remove tiny particles from the air. The rating system will help you choose a filter that is ideal for your home.

MERV 1-4

  • Filters in this category can remove large particles.
  • They are usually the most inexpensive option.
  • The filter can remove harmful fibers, dust mites and pollen.
  • These filters are great for people who are not sensitive to allergens.

MERV 5-8

  • Filters in this category are slightly better than MERV 1-4 air filters.
  • These filters can remove dust and mold spores.
  • A filter in this category is great for basic air purification.

MERV 9-12

  • Filters in this category can remove allergens.
  • These filters are a great option if you have mild to moderate respiratory issues.
  • A filter in this category will remove small airborne particles, pet dander and auto emissions.
  • A MERV 9-12 filter can prolong the life of your HVAC system. The filter will prevent an accumulation of dust and debris.

MERV 13-16

  • Filters in this category are a great option for people who have a weakened immune system.
  • They are designed to give you a greater level of protection.
  • MERV 13-16 filters can remove viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, pollen and small airborne particles.
  • These filters can be expensive. However, the high price tag may be worth the extra money for allergy sufferers.

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