What Does That Smell Mean?

TDI Air Conditioning | HVAC Smell

Bad odors do not do well in homes as these may affect your family’s comfort. These may put your loved ones in uneasiness while they try to continue on with their daily life while putting up with the stench that has plagued your house.

Like any responsible homeowner, you’ll want to get to the bottom of this and possibly solve it. But where do we start looking? Unfortunately at times our sense of smell is not adequate in locating the culprit in this case. We’ll have to then refer to others, or in your case this article, for help.

High Amounts Of Humidity

Too much of anything is bad. In this situation too much humidity in your home or HVAC system and result in mold and mildew proliferation within your vents.This will produce a foul smell that is quite unpleasant.

In order to solve this problem make sure to have a routine maintenance session with a reputable technician. They can will then inspect your ductwork and make sure that whatever complication is present will be addressed.

If you are financially capable, have a dehumidifier feature installed within your system so it may keep the amounts of moisture within your heating and cooling network, and within your home at normal levels.


If you have a family member that smokes, this may be picked up by your system and distributed to the different living spaces of your home. There are filters that can deal with this but this option may be quite expensive as you may need to revamp your entire HVAC so it can handle the MERV ratings of your filters.

The cheapest way to tackle this would be to have the smoker do his vice outside the structure and away from any opening of your residence.

Rotten Eggs

This might be a cause for alarm as it could be gas leakage. Though gas normally has no smell, companies are required to incorporate a rotten egg smell into this substance so that inhabitants may be warned when an unintended discharge happens.

During this, open all the possible windows and doors. All occupants must immediately evacuate and contact the gas department or fire department. Avoid using any electrical devices within, and keep lighters and matches unused.

Rotting Smell

This could be the result of something that has died within your ductwork. There are instances where critters or bugs will make homes of your vents if they find it to be pleasant in contrast to the outside environment. This especially happens over the winter when the warmth coming from your system attracts vermins.

When this happens have a professional come over to remove the carcass and clean the area where it is located to remove the bad smell.

Something’s Burning

If you turned on your HVAC and find that you get a scent of something burning. That might be true. Certain components within your overheated, or problems in wiring may have occurred. Shut down your system right away. See if the smell goes away after a while. If it continues then call the fire department.

If you’re not confident that these are the causes, get the help of a professional immediately. Call TDI Air at (616) 449-1039 and they’ll send a licensed technician over immediately.