What To Do If Your Heating System Stops Working

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The last thing we need to experience during a chilly night is our heater system suddenly not working. At one point or another, it’s most likely you will experience problems with your heater. So you’re prepared in the event of it breaking down, here are a list of problems and what you can do yourself, like first aid for your heater!

Lack Of Maintenance

When you own equipment like heaters in your household, it’s very important to have proper maintenance. That way your heater can function properly throughout months and years without experiencing problems in the middle of a snowstorm which can lead to expensive repairs. For heaters, it’s advised to look into your heater after summer or before fall begins. Maintenance also results in less damage on motors and wires and a longer lasting central air system.


It could be a simple case of running out of batteries. Try replacing them with new ones. If it doesn’t work, there might be a technical issue or, if your thermostat is more high-tech, it might need to be reprogrammed.

Power Breaker

This is surprisingly a common reason that prevent heaters from working. Before calling an HVAC professional, check if it’s switched on to save on the fee you’d pay for having the technician over.

Furnace Needing Replacement

This requires the work of a professional and can’t be done on your own. Call up a technician to help replace or install a new furnace. They will know the right type of furnace for your system.

Mechanical Wear And Tear

One of the causes of airflow and over heating is an occasional wear and tear problem. When it comes to this, allow a technician to look into the mechanical issues causing the wear and tear. Depending on how bad the damage is, suggestions might range from adding oil to replacement. So you can prevent this from happening, regular maintenance would ensure your heater is properly lubricated.

Gas Problems

Check if the gas is the right color. It should be a solid blue. Any red or yellow is dangerous as it creates toxic gas. To avoid further problems have a professional technician look into it for speedy repairs. Also check if the gas regulator is working. The furnace could’ve also run out of gas. Have your HVAC specialist refill it.


Even with diligent care, there are instances when heater problems are unavoidable. For reliable, professional and affordable HVAC service, call TDI Air at (616) 449-1039. We cater to regular maintenance and emergency fixes. We’d also be happy to offer other tips and information. Contact us on our number or follow our blog for our future articles.