When Should I Replace My Furnace?

When Should I Replace My Furnace

With winter fast approaching, soon it will be time to turn on your furnace. However, when you flip the switch, you may notice that it's not working like it did last year.

Whether your HVAC is slow to turn on or not coming on at all, you need to find out the reason. Most times, it's just a glitch or a minor repair. Other times, depending on the issue and the age of your furnace, you might need to consider a replacement.

Continue reading to learn when you should replace your furnace:

Significantly Higher Electric Bills

The most obvious tell-tale sign that your furnace needs replaced are your monthly electric bills. When your HVAC unit starts to malfunction, it's not uncommon to see a dramatic increase in both energy consumption and the bill.

If your furnace is old and you find yourself having to call an HVAC professional more often than not, you may need to consider furnace replacement.

Your Furnace is Too Old

Some people are unaware of this, but furnaces actually age. Nothing in this world lasts forever and furnaces are no different. In fact, most HVAC professionals attest that furnaces usually last for at least 15 years. However, the older a furnace becomes, the more likely problems are to occur. If your furnace is over 15 years old, you're probably better off replacing when compared to paying for repairs.

The Furnace is Making an Odd Noise

If you recently turned on your furnace and heard a popping, rattling or banging sound, you may need to investigate further. Older furnaces are known for being noisier than newer models. However, older furnaces that are constantly noisy are usually better off being replaced.

The Flame is a Different Color

Finally, one of the most prominent signs that you should replace your furnace immediately is when the flame is a different color. All furnaces should have a blue flame when in use. However, when the furnace is too old or starts to malfunction, the flame may turn yellow. If this happens, then your furnace may start putting carbon monoxide into your home. Being exposed to carbon monoxide is dangerous, possibly lethal, as it's tasteless, odorless and colorless.

With winter being one of the most unforgiving seasons, your furnace needs to be in mint condition. If your furnace needs repair, maintenance and replacement, we’ve got you covered. Call TDI Air Conditioning today, and we'll help you stay warm all winter long!