Why Air Conditioning Unit Size Matters

Homeowners or owners of commercial buildings who are in the market for an air conditioning unit may be looking at the price for the most part, but it is also important to take into consideration the size of the AC unit. By “size” we mean both the size of the unit and the amount of cooling capacity of the unit.
Ideally, you would want an air conditioner that produces a comfortable temperature, and the size of the unit in conjunction with the size of the room will decide if that is accomplished. An air conditioning unit that is either too small or too big will only bring potentially serious problems, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have a professional assist you with installing your AC unit.

What If My AC Unit Is Too Small?

If the air conditioner is too small for the space it is in, the temperature will be uneven, and it may not reach the desired temperature nor certain spots in your house or building. As a consequence, the AC unit will work harder and run longer than it should to make up for it. This will lead your air conditioner to age and wear out faster, and increase the chances of breaking down. Aside from that, it will increase your utility bills due to energy spikes and prolonged usage.
A smaller air conditioning system may be a cheaper investment, but it will cost a lot in the long run if it is not fit for the rooms inside.

What If My AC Unit Is Too Big?

Many consumers opt for big air conditioning units with the mindset that bigger is always better. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true for AC units. If it is too large, the air conditioner cools a room too quickly and will tend to “short-cycle”, or shut-down then start-up again in a very short amount of time.
Short-cycling will result in high utility bills as well, as air conditioners use the most power when they are turned on. The fewer times the unit is turned on, the better. Short-cycling also wears out the air conditioning unit’s parts quicker, just as it does if the unit runs too long, and other internal problems may surface.
Air conditioners are supposed to remove humidity as well as lowering the temperature, and since oversized air conditioners have cooling cycles that are too short, they would not be able to perform that function well and will leave the room damp and humid.

Let The TDI Air Professionals Handle It! 

There are other factors to consider when sizing your air conditioner. Aside from the square footage of your home or building, the climate and insulation are also important things to think about. This is why it is best to hire a trained professional, because they can assess all the factors and present to you the best option, as well as install it.
Size definitely matters when shopping for an air conditioning unit, and it always pays off to consult an AC professional from TDI Air because we can help you choose and perfectly install the best models. If your systems are giving you cause for concern or you want to get your yearly service done, let TDI Air technicians help you. 
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